St Mark’s passionately believes in Jesus’ missional mandate to go and make disciples in order that all believers can grow in faith and maturity to take Jesus to our frontlines in the workplace, school, home, and community. (Matt 28:19-20)

Life Groups are typically 6-8  believers gathering together on a regular basis for the purpose of intentional discipleship, fellowship, and missional service. The aim is to find fellow believers in the church that can encourage, challenge, and champion each other in our daily walk with Christ.

They are called Life Groups because they exist to help us get the most out of the life we were created for. Ultimately they are not about the hour or so you meet up for, but about setting ourselves up well for the hours and days in between.

So grab three other people, find a venue and time that works, and begin to meet. Meeting every other week is a good place to begin.

A pattern might look something like this:

  • Week 1 – Life Group meets

  • Week 2 – Social – Possibly with another Life Group

  • Week 3 – Life Group meets

  • Week 4 – Pick ‘n’ Mix – your choice!

*Three times a year we will join together for missional projects.


You may want to spend the time together as follows:


  • Open in prayer and invite Jesus' presence

  • Each take a short time to update each other on how you are.

  • Take time to silently give stuff to God – anxiety, disappointment, sin, pain etc – then pray for each other and invite the Spirit to come and bless the person.


Additional material to use is available from church. However, there is not a one size fits all approach, you need to find a group that works for you and helps you grow as a follower of Jesus.


If you do not know who to join a Life Group with, why not come along to some of our socials to get to know the church family a bit more, or contact the church office to help you.