February Blog 2024

  St Mark’s Children’s Leaders 

Our prayer for St Mark’s Church is to have a team of people who are passionate about seeing our children have the chance to encounter and meet God. To know Jesus as their best friend and for them to know the Holy Spirit is with them every day, guiding and helping them.  

Our children here at St Mark’s are absolutely amazing. Each one made and designed just as God intended and I love how our church family welcomes them all. But we are struggling to find people willing to help on a Sunday morning and in the week, who can be part of a team giving our children the chance to learn about God and encounter Him.  

Think again of those people who helped and guided you through your childhood journey with God, how important they were to you. We need people like them to help our children of St Mark’s. You don’t have to be full of energy, you don’t have to be full of knowledge, you don’t have to be good at craft – you just need a passion to see children meet with God.  

Please take the time now to pray, ask God if that person is you, or someone sitting in church that you know that just needs that gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit. 

 If that person is you, then I would love you to fill in one of our volunteer forms – if you’ve done it in the past and you feel ready to step back in, or whether this is a new adventure you are about to start, our children of St Mark’s want to welcome you and share their encounters with our almighty God with you.  

Many blessings, Nikki St Mark’s Children and Family Outreach Worker