Wrexham Road Community Church Plant

Introducing the Wrexham Road community church plant team!

In 2019 I took the very long journey to Cambridge for an interview where a panel would discern a vocation for me as a pioneer minister. The Church of England describes this vocation as; “Pioneering is about firsts. Being the first to lead ministry into new places for and with others. Pioneers must be able to see a new future, and have the skills and gifts needed to make it a reality now. Pioneers connect with people outside of Church, creating new ways of doing Church together in their community.”

When I found out I had been accepted as a pioneer minister I was excited, but I also knew realistically that pioneering was less likely to be supported in Chester Diocese at the time. However, it felt important to still do this as I felt God had called me and it would be a key to open doors in the future.

So, when the time came to think about curacy I never expected that I would not only get the pleasure to continue at St Marks, but that I would also have a pioneering curacy! Which I have to thank Hennie for as she created a curacy that didn’t originally exist and proposed this to our former Bishop. God made a way and I was commissioned as a half time pioneer curate to plant a missional community within the new building estate on Wrexham road in our parish. Hooray!

In the early stages I started seeking advice from different people who were ahead when it’s come to pioneering, which encouraged me to have some core starter focuses which were: prayer, team and location.

My boyfriend, Warren, encouraged me to go and have a quiet day at St Beuno’s to pray for a vision of what God might be saying about this future plant and I came away that day with an image and a poem that I would love to share with you.

“Here belong the once shamed, hated and blamed. The on-the-fence doubters and those who feel certain and want to tell all about it. Those with once rejected questions, the wrestlers, the sad, lonely, who are deemed by some as unholy.

Here are the socially silent as a mouse and the big loud mouths. The introvert, extrovert, the thinkers, learners, creatives, doers and those who can’t sit still. All who are different in many ways, where life experiences are not all the same. All on a journey, no expectations, no blame. For me what is central, toward Jesus I will herald. The Good news I have tasted, that Christ has died for all! In all human complexities through and in him we are made whole. Righteous and made Holy, nothing we can earn at all. We are welcomed to discover what the creator intends, as He adores all he has made, we become mother, father, sister brother and friend. A family that embrace the other, whoever they are, till the very end.” This image gave me hope, to think about the possibilities of what God is up to and to join in, However I knew I couldn’t do this alone, I needed a team. The one thing I have been learning a lot about is God’s faithfulness even when things seem impossible, He makes a way. So during a pandemic where connecting with others has been quite difficult, I was slightly worried about how I would be able to find a team! But I felt like people were being placed on my heart and so a few months later, I set a zoom meeting and proposed this idea to a group of fantastic people and it was a real encouragement to hear them say that they wanted to be onboard and explore what it looks like to be Church in the new build housing estate! A few months later we are still here working on bonding as a new team (as a few of us have never met outside of zoom) and I have to say it has been a highlight of my year to connect with these awesome people and to explore what God is calling us to do. At our next meeting, we will be thinking about a name and will continue working on missional ways to reach out and be a blessing to the community who are slowly moving into their new homes. And so it is my pleasure to introduce you all to the Wrexham Road community plant team, who all look forward to meeting you in the future! But hopefully this will give you a taste of what the team is about. Blessings and peace


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