Good things happening

It's so good to write this blog this month. So many good things have been happening at St Mark's and I thought it would be amazing to celebrate them.

We have had a new alpha group meet together to explore what is means to be a disciple of Jesus.

We have been able to help people at the Debt Centre

Our baby and toddler group is up and running

We are praying on Wednesday morning for the building project

Our place of welcome on a Thursday is open, along with our Thursday service, cafe and cinema club

Our Saturday fellowship have been working hard at church

And finally we are back on a Sunday worshipping together with different styles of church to welcome all ages

To see all these things open is so good. It's amazing to see God working and people meeting Him. But, (yes it's a but, but it's a happy but) we have a problem. Our building is not fitting us all in.

Our Debt Centre can only open limited days as we only have one room they can meet in

Our toddler group is having to meet in church (hence the breadcrumbs before communion!)

We would love to run alpha in the day but where could we host it?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to have our café open every day in the week?

We are wanting to build our new glass hub round the front of church (check out the picture!) so we can welcome even more people into a place of safety and warmth. A place to meet each other and to have a chance to encounter God.

We need to raise money for this project, we need to be adding our prayers to the ones already been answered.

But most importantly we need to be getting excited about what will happen once it’s complete, because that's when the hard work really starts


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