Glitter pledge

Last week I was part of a Cheshire wide Messy Church team at The Royal Cheshire Show. ​

For those of you who might not have heard of the Royal Cheshire Show it’s a two-day event celebrating all things agricultural. There are livestock competitions, massive tractors, sheep dog displays, a best egg competition and stalls. So many stalls – where you can buy anything from a tweed jacket to a massive spanner! There are also charities: scouting and guiding, the church tent and this year a very cool quad biker jumping over lorries! ​

Lots of schools take part in the show singing or playing their instruments and then get to spend the day at the show – and this is where my blog really begins because it was a group of kids who made me see what I was doing and needed to change. ​

In our Messy Church tent, we were thinking about Christmas – that Jesus comes out of his box for a few weeks of the year and then can get forgotten about. So, we decided to celebrate Christmas

and remind everyone that Jesus is with us every day. ​

We had crown making for the wisemen, sheep biscuit decorating for the shepherds glitter stars for the star shining where Jesus was born and nativity outfits to dress up in and take a picture with Jesus. ​

We had a steady flow of families coming in throughout the day and as it got to around 4.30pm we began to think about closing for the day when a group of school children arrived. They were year six (10 and 11yr olds) and had been singing with their choir. We welcomed them and explained our crafts and our message and as we got to the glitter stars there was a resounding ‘No, we can’t do that craft’. ​

As we chatted it turned out that this school had a taken a glitter pledge. They explained to me that the glitter was getting into our oceans and that as it was their planet they needed to look after it, so they would make a crown and decorate a biscuit, but they wouldn’t be making a glitter star. ​

I was in absolute awe of their passion and commitment to what they believed that, right there, I took the glitter pledge. ​

When I first thought about this blog, I thought I would be sharing with you the fun we had at Messy Church at The Royal Cheshire Show, but on reflection I think the thing I wanted to share was being floored by group of knowledgeable, committed and passionate year six pupils. To be stopped in my tracks and have my own personal ideas and thoughts changed so dramatically - what if we stood like this in our belief in God, if we were not embarrassed to share what we believed with such passion and belief how many people might we see have their lives changed? ​

If anyone has been inspired to join us at Messy Church and meet some amazing children and young people, we have been invited to Geronimo in the August Bank Holiday - a massive kids festival in Cheshire and we are looking for helpers, or if you want to come next year and find some tractors at the Royal Cheshire Show we will be there June 20th and 21st 2023


​St Mark's Children and Family Outreach Worker ​

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