Happy Advent!

Advent is about waiting and getting ready. It a time of hoping and expectation of what is to come. It’s a time to be joyous and it’s a time to love. And finally it’s a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Our King, our Saviour and our Friend.

This month’s blog I have written twice for one reason…. a baby boy.

Over the last 5 months me and my family have been waiting, getting ready and hoping and finally it is happening – we have been chosen to adopt a baby boy. A VERY cute baby boy! We have been in this process for a year and half and finally (if you are reading this version of the blog!) it is happening.

There have been many highs and lows, many hours driving, moments of crying and we have waited and waited and waited.

Imagine being Isaiah told hundreds of years before it happened that the saviour of the world would come. But you never saw it?

Imagine being Mary – told you were going to have God’s son but not to be afraid?! And then having to try and explain that to your husband to be and your family….. Waiting and waiting for the baby to born.

Imagine being in the field with the shepherds and seeing all those angels appearing – the joy and excitement they must of felt when they saw Jesus.

Imagine travelling like the wise men – the expectation of what you will see, ready to bow down and worship, following a star to find a King - and then discovering him in a stable with the animals.

Jesus story is famous. Millions of people around the world celebrate His birthday every year. But what about us. Are we ready to wait, to be ready, to hope, to have joy and to love each other this advent season?

Earlier I wrote that I had written two blogs. This one is about two baby boys.

The one joining our family and Jesus Christ – Saviour of the World. Born as a baby in a stable to come and change the world.

I hope you have a very happy Christmas,


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