Love Lache

I want to share a picture with you that God gave me.

God showed me space. The stars. The planets.

The galaxies surrounding us.

He showed me the sun and the moon.

He then took me to see our planet. Earth.

I could see the land masses and the sea. I could see the clouds. I was in awe. It was beautiful. This incredible planet God has given us.

But then God showed me something else.

Like on Google earth He zoomed in to a place on earth.

To Lache. To Sycamore Field.

And taking place was something God said to me was as beautiful as the stars and planets.

Love Lache

We are going to share God's love with Lache. On Sunday 10th June we are going to Sycamore Field to share a meal with our community. We are going to show how God can change our lives by simply being together. Being with our church family in a field eating hog roast. By being us. Being as beautiful as the stars.

So I want to challenge you to come and be a part of Love Lache. Whether by volunteering to set up, or make craft in the Messy Church tent. It could be face painting or pointing people in the right direction of the toilet. It could be by simply coming and chatting with people. It could be by committing to spending a day or a week praying for the upcoming event, or even be praying on the day in church.

God has told us that this event is beautiful. Something He has created through us. So let's go out and celebrate it.


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