Who is God calling you to become?

Lent is here. How many of you have given something up? Or maybe you have decided this year to take something up. How are these things going?

This year I decided to try and sit with God every day, to see what he has to say. For me to just listen. Not to prattle on. Just listen.

Simple right??

NO - This happened.

For the first week and half of lent I have been on the phone to builders and to insurance people. I have been without a working bathroom and there is dust EVERYWHERE. I have a toddler who wants to sit in the hole in the bathroom floor. I have been tired and fed up. Not the feelings I wanted to take to God when I’m meant to be listening.

But because of all this I have leaned on Him. He has heard my frustration and has given me peace. He has seen my exhaustion and given me energy.

I may not have managed my quiet time everyday listening to God but I have spent time with him.

Don’t feel like a failure if you have eaten the cake in the cupboard, or forgotten to give your daily coffee money to local charity. God loves us. He wants to spend time with us. He loves what we love. He cries when we cry. He is our father and our friend. He is with us in the chaos of the school run, or in the quiet of our afternoon walk.

This Lent who is God calling you to be?

Someone who sits and drinks with God, who follows closely in his footsteps as He walks among us.

Someone who stops and fights for the injustices in the world.

Someone who simply needs God to give you the energy to face the day.

You are all invited to joins us at for our Lent course, held on a Wednesday evening at church. An opportunity to come and spend time with God and learn more about Him.

Whatever we have decided to do this year to mark Lent, remember we are doing it to meet God, to spend time with Him and to learn more about His love and grace.



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