Munchkins at St Mark's

So this blog is unashamedly about Munchkins.

Munchkins is St Mark’s Baby and Toddler Group running every Wednesday from 1pm.

There has been a Baby and Toddler group at St Mark’s for many years under different names and different guises, and I imagine many of you have been part of this group or even helped run it somewhere over the years.

The reason I am writing about Munchkins this month is because, over the summer it nearly closed.

A baby and toddler group is a great place for mums, nans, dads, grandads, carers to get to know other people in the community. It is a place to chat, to let toddlers run, to sit down with other people in the same position as you, and ultimately, it’s a place where you can have cup of tea and it’s still hot when you drink it!

Our toddler group over the years has been a place for many people in our community to come. For some it has been a place to form lifelong friendships, a place of advice or help and a place where they are invited to meet God.

In the last few years Munchkins has been led by volunteers. However due to their children moving to school they have now left, so, as Children and Family Worker I was asked to take on leading Munchkins.

I am hoping to highlight to you all the importance of a group like this. The importance of having a place for people to come and belong and a place for people to come and meet God.

I am asking for your support:

  • Support through prayer

  • Support through inviting mums, dads, grannies, grandads and carers to Munchkins

  • Support through offering to come and make cups of tea

  • Support through coming and chatting with people who come along

  • Support through playing and laughing with children as they make craft, play on the slide

  • or pretend to make you a fried egg

  • Support through reading and telling Bible Stories

  • Support through singing songs and doing silly actions

We really believe that this group is important to St Mark’s Church. This is a group welcoming new people into church. Please do take time to pray for us and if you feel that you are able to come and support us please do come and speak to me, or drop me an email.

We want this group to be sustainable for the next generation of children so they can come and meet God.

Nikki Smith, St Mark’s Children and Family Worker and Leader of Munchkins

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