Sermon Series Spring 2020

Sunday  9am and 11am Services

January 2020 


Theme:    Prayer, Vision and Service


 5th   -      Prayer Sunday


12th  -      Vision / Feedback Sunday


19th  -      Giving Sunday

                                    (serving & laying down)


26th  -      Commitment Sunday


February 2020


 2nd  -  All-Age service with Baptism


Theme: A Journey into Discipleship

             (The surprising sayings of Jesus)


 9th  -       ‘Who do you say I am’?

                                          (Luke 9: 18-27)


16th  -      ‘Follow me’       (Mark 2: 13-17)


March 2020


1st  -  All-Age service


8th  -  ‘I have set you an example, that you should also do as I have                                                                                            done to you’

                                                                                   (John 13: 1-20)


15th  -  ‘She will be remembered’

                                                                                  (Matt  26: 6-13)


22nd  -  ‘I give you a new commandment, that you love one another’

                                                                                  (John 13: 31-35)


29th  -  ‘Abide in me, as I abide in you

                                                                                   (John 15: 1-11)


April 2020


5th  -    Palm Sunday All-Age Service

9th -  Passover Meal at 6;30pm

10th - Good Friday - 2-3pm 'Hour at the Cross' service


12th  -  Easter Day - Joint Service at 10:30am


19th  -  Jesus appears to the disciples

                                              (John 20: 19 - 30)


26th  -  Joint Service & APCM at 10am

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