Exploring Faith

If you are exploring faith or have any questions about God, Jesus, or church, please do contact us. You may wish to attend an Alpha course, or explore answers to life’s big questions with others down the pub. If so, get in touch.

In this three minute video you can find out what Christianity is all about: What is Christianity?

Alpha Course

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During COVID-19 we aren't able to run an in-person Alpha Course - but if this is something you are interested, get in touch and we will contact you when we are able to run the next course. In the meantime, see below for some information on what the Alpha Course typically looks like: 

Alpha is a course for anyone interested in exploring questions of life and spirituality. Over 8 evenings, we gather to consider some of the following:


  • What is the meaning of life?

  • Who is Jesus?

  • Does prayer work?

  • What about evil and suffering?


We eat a meal together at 7:30pm, listen to a short talk and then get together in small groups to consider what we have heard.