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A few weeks ago, during staff prayers, we were encouraged to think back on the moments when we first gave our life to Jesus. For me this was at a youth camp. I had not grown up as a Christian and had reluctantly agreed to go with my friends who were part of the local youth group. When I eventually got there, I heard speakers every night talk about who God was and what He did. I can’t say I can recall anything that was taught that week but I gave my life to Jesus because I was filled with a sense of belonging. The camp was much like any other, it had a great programme of activities, inspiring team of leaders, good food - but it was far more than that. For ten days we had done life with one an

Love Lache

I want to share a picture with you that God gave me. God showed me space. The stars. The planets. The galaxies surrounding us. He showed me the sun and the moon. He then took me to see our planet. Earth. I could see the land masses and the sea. I could see the clouds. I was in awe. It was beautiful. This incredible planet God has given us. But then God showed me something else. Like on Google earth He zoomed in to a place on earth. To Lache. To Sycamore Field. And taking place was something God said to me was as beautiful as the stars and planets. Love Lache We are going to share God's love with Lache. On Sunday 10th June we are going to Sycamore Field to share a meal with our commu

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